Advocate in your Community

Want to help educate your community about the beneficial impact of organ and tissue donation? We can help. It can be a rewarding experience, and there are many ways to get started. Check out some of the ideas and resources below.

National Donor Sabbath

National Donor Sabbath is observed annually on Friday through Sunday two weekends before Thanksgiving. This three-day observance seeks to include places of worship in promoting donation. Faith leaders from many religions, donor families, transplant recipients, and donation and transplantation professionals participate in services and programs to increase awareness of the need for the lifesaving and enhancing gifts passed to others through transplantation and encourage people to sign up in their state registry as organ, eye, tissue, donors.

We invite you to use the following downloadable resources within your local communities and houses of worship. Make sure to tag us on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.

National Donor Sabbath Facebook Post

National Donor Sabbath Twitter Post

National Donor Sabbath Facebook Banner

National Donor Sabbath Twitter Banner

National Donor Sabbath Flyer

Donation Recipient Sarah Perez

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to display donation information at a health fair or community event?

These tools will help you create an engaging and informative booth to display at local health fairs, events, and community gatherings.

Bring donation to minority communities

Did you know that over 50% of people waiting for a life-saving organ transplant are ethnic minorities?  This one page sheet provides talking points about donation specifically relating to minorities.

Visit our page covering donation in minority communities

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Promote registration

Hand out this one-page flier to encourage people to register to give the gift of life.

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Fast Facts

Answer almost any inquiry with this list of common donation questions and answers.
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Check your vocab

Terminology can play a big role in the fears and misconceptions around organ and tissue donation. This sheet will help you avoid negative language when discussing donation.
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Post it

This legal-size poster features the story of little Kaden, a young liver recipient who was given a second chance after experiencing liver failure from a rare disease when he was just one year old. It is sure to attract attention and help spark conversation around donation.
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Gear up

What booth is complete without a little swag? From hats to bags, bracelets to flags, you can find all the Donate Life merchandise you need for your event.

Find additional donation resources

This sheet provides contact information for local organizations that facilitate cornea, blood, living kidney, and whole body donation.
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Looking to share your donation story?

Do you have a personal connection to donation and want to share your story? There are many ways for you to raise awareness about donation—at work, places of worship, or civic group meetings.

Story format suggestions

This sheet is designed to help guide you as you prepare to tell your donation story.
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Donation terminology

Terminology can play a big role in the fears and misconceptions around organ and tissue donation. This sheet will help you avoid negative language when discussing donation.
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Frequently asked questions

A list of common donation questions, to help you provide answers about donation and transplantation.
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Registration flier

This printable one-page flyer includes a registration form for people to register as an organ, eye, and tissue donor.
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Donate Life merchandise

Show your support for donation and transplantation by sporting your favorite Donate Life gear!