Stories of Hope

We have worked with thousands of donor families. So many of them have selflessly shared their stories with us—and we’ve seen firsthand that donation can bring great comfort during a time of terrible grief. By continuing to share these stories, we hope to save more lives through organ and tissue donation across Alaska, Montana, North Idaho, and Washington.


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Stories of Hope Archives



Prior to contracting a rare lung disease, Carmel was a strong, healthy, and active young woman. In December 2013, and without warning, everything changed for Carmel. After experiencing concurrent cases of the flu and pneumonia, Carmel had to be hospitalized for several days, at which point her health started to rapidly decline. Over the next […]

Jade Nicole Williams

Jade was one of those people that you could go to if you ever had any problems. Someone whose presence would lighten up the room. Jade would sing to you, make funny faces, and send you that perfect picture to cheer you up. Anything to just make sure you were okay. Jade was truly someone […]

Alex Capperauld

In Alex Capperauld’s short life, he made an amazing impact on others. Alex loved just about everything— from school, to his dog Pete, to singing and dancing, to most especially bubbles. He brought joy to each day. Alex was born on January 27, 1988 in Tacoma, Washington and upon birth diagnosed with a condition known […]

Rachel Givens

Rachel Lucy Givens was full of life, love, and laughter. She had a passion and natural talent for athletics, especially basketball and soccer. During high school, Rachel led her team to multiple state championship appearances and then went to college on a soccer scholarship. Although she was a serious and competitive athlete, she also loved […]