Stories of Hope

We have worked with thousands of donor families. So many of them have selflessly shared their stories with us—and we’ve seen firsthand that donation can bring great comfort during a time of terrible grief. By continuing to share these stories, we hope to save more lives through organ and tissue donation across Alaska, Montana, North Idaho, and Washington.

Miranda knew that her second chance would come at the price of another family’s loss; a bittersweet feeling.

After receiving a new kidney and pancreas Miranda is thankful for having the opportunity to share her story with others, and having her experience make an impact in their lives.

Read her story.

Cindy Kehl

For Cindy Kehl, hospital visits became an all too frequent occurrence in her life. In 1991 her sister was diagnosed with dilated familial cardiomyopathy, a genetic form of heart disease. Her sister was put on the transplant waiting list and eventually received a second chance at life, however many of Cindy’s family members, who also […]

Kaden Hollis

Kaden Hollis was born on March 7, 2005 to Cindie and Bobby Hollis. He was a cuddly baby with big brown eyes and a full head of hair. Just a couple months after Kaden was born, his parents noticed that Kaden’s eyes looked a little yellow. Their pediatrician advised them to look out for other […]

Sarah Perez

For Sarah Perez, being active and spending quality time with her family are two of the most important aspects of her life. Whether it is volleyball, softball, or coaching little league, Sarah has always enjoyed sports. When Sarah and her family aren’t working or busy with their various sports endeavors, being in the great outdoors […]

Josh Heser

You could always find Joshua Heser enjoying life to the fullest in the great outdoors of Montana or on a ranch. Born and raised in the country, Josh was an avid adventurer; he loved hunting, fishing, backpacking, and riding his four-wheeler. Although he loved everything about the outdoors, family was extremely important. He dedicated time […]