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2013 was extraordinary for LifeCenter Northwest. We saved more lives. We helped more families find meaning in their time of loss. We strengthened our existing partnerships and forged many new ones. We grew bigger and more committed than ever to saving lives through organ and tissue donation. Learn more about organ and tissue donation >

Medical Professionals

Information for physicians, nurses, and administrators on improving the donation in your hospital.

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Donor Family Support

Grief support resources for families mourning the loss of a loved one.

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A Celebration of New Beginnings: National Donate Life Month

The gift of life is something to be celebrated every day, however April marks a particularly special time to rally around donation.  Donate Life Month is a national initiative focused on thanking those who make donation possible, celebrating a second chance at life for transplant recipients, and bringing the donation community together to raise awareness […]

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Understanding the Waves of Grief

There are good days and there are bad days. The phrase is simple, but speaks to one of the great complexities of grief. For many of the families we work with, the grieving process is marked by the oscillation between disruptive sadness (“the bad days”) and a more manageable moments of clarity (the “good days”). […]

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A New Heart Leads to Love

Celebrated worldwide in various traditions, Valentine’s Day is a holiday focused on expressing love and affection, and is almost exclusively represented by one ubiquitous symbol: a heart. The depiction of a heart can mean many things to many different people; to Cindy Kehl it is a multi-faceted representation of life, loss, and love. Cardiomyopathy, a […]

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