Educational Resources

An estimated 22 people die every day because the number of people waiting for a life-saving transplant is so much greater than the number of donors. Sharing information about donation in an educational setting is one of the best ways for us to close this gap.

Want to integrate donation education into your curriculum?

Students will be asked about registering as a donor when they receive their first driver’s license, so it’s especially important to discuss donation with them. These conversations will empower students to make informed decisions.

General Information

Transplantable organs and tissues
Information on what organs and tissues can be recovered and transplanted, the role they play in the body, and conditions that may lead to the need for a transplant.

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Donation in minority communities

Ethnic minorities make up over 50% of the transplant waiting list. This one-page sheet provides talking points about donation specifically relating to multicultural communities. Download PDF

LifeCenter Northwest has a page dedicated to Donation in diverse communities – visit the page by clicking here.

Fast facts
A quick list of facts regarding donation.

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Action Items

Registration flyer
A one-page flyer that includes a registration form.

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Request a speaker
Our volunteers all have a personal connection to donation, and they are happy to share their donation experience with your class.

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Letter to parents
This letter can be sent home to inform parents that you will be covering donation in your lesson plans. It provides tips for talking with their children about the decision to be an organ, eye, and tissue donor.

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Letter to Parents available in Spanish

Letter to Parents available in Korean

Traffic Flyer

A handout to help parents and students find information regarding the organ, eye, and tissue donation question that is asked when receiving a driver’s license.

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Interactive Media

“It’s Your Choice” video See Sidebar
An educational video about saving lives through organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Understanding Death before Donation
For most deceased donors, brain death is the legal and medical determination of death. View this link for more information.