Blackfeet donor, John Francis Davis, brings honor to his family as an organ donor: ‘We’re so grateful that he was a donor. It has helped us a lot.’

John Francis Davis, known in Blackfeet Nation as ‘The Captain,’ was a high-spirited young man who possessed a special gift: He could connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. It was this gift that inspired him to volunteer as a disc jockey at 107.5 FM Thunder Radio in Browning, Mont. to amplify the voices […]

Jakob Ash inspired a movement of kindness from people around the world: ‘Jake loved so many people; he was so kind’

Jakob Ash, a 31-year-old Army veteran and donor, inspired a movement of kindness from people around the world with a viral #justforjake hashtag that was memorialized on social media. When Jakob’s parents, Danielle Hillman and David Ash, learned of their son’s status as an organ donor, they said “that is so Jake.” On the day […]

LifeSaver Award Series: Crystal McCown, RN and W. Eric Chun, MD, Kootenai Health (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho)

Each month, LifeCenter Northwest selects a LifeSaver Award winner. This award honors and recognizes those who demonstrate a commitment to improving donation outcomes and culture through their actions, time and energy. We are pleased to present this month’s LifeSaver Award to Crystal McCown, RN and W. Eric Chun, MD—both of whom work at Kootenai Health […]

The Support Spot: Making Connections

How do I make a connection? The question, “How do I connect with my loved one’s organ recipient(s)?” or “How do I connect with my donor family?” may come up as part of the donation or transplantation process due to a strong interest in knowing more about the other. Donor families share that they are […]

LifeCenter Northwest Honors Dr. Joshua Lieberman For His Exemplary Partnership

During a time that’s bringing countless challenges to our nation’s healthcare system, LifeCenter Northwest is grateful for our partners—like Dr. Joshua Lieberman of the University of Washington (UW)—who go above and beyond to help overcome those challenges. Early in 2020, once the number of COVID-19 cases in our region began to spike, transplant centers became […]