Each of the over 200 hospitals in our service area has a dedicated LifeCenter Northwest Hospital Development Program Manager who works closely with hospital staff regarding organ and tissue donation guidelines and procedures. Click on your hospital below to connect with your designated LifeCenter Northwest representative.

Rachel Shry
Rachel Shry
Hospital Development Program Manager
Service Area: South Sound
At LifeCenter Northwest since: July 6, 2020
Personal Statement: I am inspired every day by the deep generosity and courage of donors and families, who shine a light of hope for others during their own personal tragedies. As someone who has been touched by acts of donation on both professional and personal levels, I am deeply committed to LifeCenter’s mission of saving lives through organ and tissue donation. I feel privileged to work alongside the incredible MultiCare healthcare teams and LifeCenter staff, who are so dedicated to honoring these priceless gifts and those who offer them.