Connecting donors families and recipients

Sometimes donor families and recipients choose to write to one another. The decision to write about your experience is a very personal choice. For donor families, this sharing may help in the grieving process. For recipients, it can provide the opportunity to thank the donor family for their loved one’s gift of life, hope, and health. Many donor families and recipients find comfort in correspondence. All correspondence is initially facilitated through LifeCenter Northwest and transplant center social workers. It is primarily anonymous for the first round of letters. Once both sides have written to one another and give their consent to having more direct contact with one another, we can work to put you in touch with one another directly.

Click on the links below for writing instructions

Donor Families Writing to Recipients

Writing to your Donor Family

Guidance for Direct Contact

Please mail or email your letter to LifeCenter Northwest following the instructions below and we will help distribute.

Place your letter in an unsealed envelope and mail with identifying information to:
LifeCenter Northwest
Attention: Donor Family Aftercare
3650 131st Ave. SE, Ste 200
Bellevue, WA 98006

Or email your letter to