Dear Donation Community, 

Every year, LifeCenter Northwest and SightLife look forward to joining you at our Montana and Washington Donation Celebrations. Although we had to cancel because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we still want you to know how much you and your loved ones are appreciated.

The annual celebrations grant us the opportunity to witness and honor the courage, empathy, and connection of our community. From donor families and recipients, to hospital and transplant center partners as well as donation advocates, each of you has helped inspire hope in tens of thousands of people through the immeasurable gift of life and improved health.

We also deeply appreciate that our beloved gatherings provide donor families an opportunity to heal and share lasting memories. Memories that are also honored through the new experiences that donation makes possible for our transplant recipients.

To our donor families, we recognize you for your incredible strength and heart. We also continuously celebrate the lives of your loved ones who have passed away as well as the renewed hope they have gifted to others with their enduring kindness.

To our recipients, as our messengers of hope, we acknowledge and celebrate your second chances.

Our organizations are profoundly grateful to all members of our organ, eye, and tissue donation community. You and your loved ones are in our thoughts and we look forward to coming together in person next year for the 10th anniversary of our Donation Celebration.

With gratitude,

Kevin O’Connor, President & CEO, LifeCenter Northwest                        Claire Bonilla, CEO, SightLife

A special note from LifeCenter Northwest’s Aftercare and SightLife’s Family Services teams

Virtual Memory Wall

Visit our online memory wall to honor those who’ve given the gift of life, health, and sight.

Remembering our past events with you:

LifeCenter Northwest: (425) 201-6600 / SightLife: (206) 838-4638