LifeSaver Award Series: Crystal McCown, RN and W. Eric Chun, MD, Kootenai Health (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho)

Each month, LifeCenter Northwest selects a LifeSaver Award winner. This award honors and recognizes those who demonstrate a commitment to improving donation outcomes and culture through their actions, time and energy. We are pleased to present this month’s LifeSaver Award to Crystal McCown, RN and W. Eric Chun, MD—both of whom work at Kootenai Health […]

The Support Spot: Making Connections

How do I make a connection? The question, “How do I connect with my loved one’s organ recipient(s)?” or “How do I connect with my donor family?” may come up as part of the donation or transplantation process due to a strong interest in knowing more about the other. Donor families share that they are […]