LCNW experiencing remarkable growth in tissue recovery

Most people are familiar with the incredible impact organ donation has and the stories that result from it; lung recipients able to breathe again; kidney recipients who no longer require dialysis; heart recipients who can return to normal activity. Many people, however, are unfamiliar with the widespread impact of tissue donation. One donor can save […]

Gift of Life Award ceremonies honors organ donors from 2016

Each year, we have the honor of collaborating with the Governor’s office in Montana and Washington to honor organ donors from the previous year with the Gift of Life Award. Held during National Donate Life Month in April, organ donor families are invited to attend a ceremony held at their state capitol building with the […]

LCNW has successful organ recovery outcome in small rural hospital

Organ donation and transplantation is an extraordinary process that brings hope and healing to families all over. To continue making lasting impacts in people’s lives, hospitals and organ procurement organizations, like LifeCenter Northwest, work in close collaboration to improve organ recovery and transplantation, and make donation possible. This past December, our outstanding team at LifeCenter […]