Our tissue donation services team has the privilege of helping improve people’s lives—by offering them the chance to live without constant back pain, walk without a debilitating limp, be spared an amputation, celebrate a first birthday after repairing a cardiac defect, or win back a life that was severely limited by trauma or disease.

Since the first year of our tissue program in 2008, we’ve steadily grown in the number of musculoskeletal, skin, and cardiovascular tissue grafts recovered. To date, we have been able to offer hundreds of thousands of tissue recipients the opportunity for hope and healing.

The LifeCenter Northwest difference

When your hospital works with LifeCenter Northwest for both the organ and tissue program, your staff and the families of your donors receive a better, more streamlined experience, including:

  • Hands-on care for the families of donors. Just as with organ donors, we offer extensive bereavement care for the families of tissue donors, helping them through the healing process with an 18-month minimum Aftercare program.

  • The best processors. We work with multiple processors, including Musculoskeletal Tissue Foundation (MTF), the largest tissue processor in the world and Community Tissue Services, the largest nonprofit provider of skin grafts for burn patients in the United States.

  • Industry-leading expertise. Our team honors the generous gift of donors by helping them touch the lives of as many recipients as possible, with an average of 75 grafts per donor, well above the average of other tissue organizations.

  • Better access to grafts. When LifeCenter Northwest is your tissue recovery partner, all MTF tissue grafts processed from your hospital will be offered to your surgeons first—which gives you and your donor families a generous way to give back to your own community.

  • Award-winning commitment. LifeCenter Northwest is accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks, acknowledging our commitment to providing the highest quality of tissue service, and we have earned both the MTF Golden Mortarboard Award and the MTF Golden Hourglass Award.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the donors and donor families we have had the honor to work with—for their generosity, courage, and selfless acts. Tissue donation is an important part of the donation process and we know that as recovery partner for your organization we can work together we can work together to heal and save more lives in our local communities.

Our Tissue Processing Partners

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