Each of the over 200 hospitals in our service area has a dedicated LifeCenter Northwest Hospital Development Program Manager who works closely with hospital staff regarding organ and tissue donation guidelines and procedures. Click on your hospital below to connect with your designated LifeCenter Northwest representative.

Katie Dillon
Katie Dillon
Hospital Development Coordinator
Service Area: Western Washington
At LifeCenter Northwest since: August 1, 2018
Personal Statement: Organ and tissue donation is living proof of the kindness and generosity of strangers. It is one of the most selfless acts because the gift giver will never know the recipient. I am inspired everyday by our donors, donor families, LifeCenter staff and hospital care teams for all that they do to work together towards making miracles a reality. We all have the possibility to save and enhance lives and it’s my honor and privilege to ensure we do all that we can to make the most out of that gift.