Each of the over 200 hospitals in our service area has a dedicated LifeCenter Northwest Hospital Development Program Manager who works closely with hospital staff regarding organ and tissue donation guidelines and procedures. Click on your hospital below to connect with your designated LifeCenter Northwest representative.

Codie Costello
Codie Costello
Hospital Development Program Manager
Service Area: Alaska
At LifeCenter Northwest since: June 26, 2017
Donation has touched my life significantly, having two dear friends who have been lucky organ recipients. I always knew that their great fortune came from a place of the most pure generosity. Now, working with LifeCenter, I bear witness every day to the source of this generosity. It is beyond rewarding to work together with my team to fulfill the wishes of donors and donor families, seeing the healing it provides to families in the face of loss, while knowing well what is made possible for recipients. It is also a gift to be surrounded by our hospital partners, organizations filled with incredible humans that dedicate themselves to the care of others, each and every day of their lives. I am filled with gratitude to be here.