The Power of One Percent

300,000,000     US Population

2,400,000          Deaths per year

950,000             In-hospital Deaths per year

15,000                Potential Organ Donors per year

8000                   Actual Organ Donors per year

141                      LifeCenter Northwest Organ Donors in 2010

544                      Patients Transplanted!

Less than 1% of all deaths are eligible to be organ donors.  Less than 1% are given the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy, to be a hero.  Yet the impact of this rare opportunity is immeasurable – from the gift of comfort given to the donor’s family to have something positive rise from their heartbreaking loss to the gift of life given to the recipients and their loved ones who get even one more moment together, no other action can have such a lasting impact.

To the nurse in the ICU, the family member at the bedside of a loved one, the doctor caring for a dying patient, the friend consoling a friend through a tragic loss – if you find yourself in the midst of a donation opportunity, think about the significance of giving a lasting gift.  Always remember just how important 1% can be.